9/10 Movement

The 9/10 Movement: Maximizing Student Potential

The goal of the 9/10 program is to expose students to the skills and knowledge needed to perform at a high level of academic and community leadership. Students who successfully complete the 9/10 program will be advised to apply to the Memphis Challenge and become a part of the larger applicant pool of juniors.


We expect by 2017 to:

  • Increase the cognitive skills, knowledge level and cultural capacity of students with leadership potential
  • Reduce the achievement gap for students with high performing potential  but lack resources to insure their competitiveness in national and international academic and professional markets
  • Develop a better sense of awareness of the requirements for academic and leadership excellence
  • Infuse a stronger pool of students from the Memphis metro area who are college bound

910 Teambuilding_2015_web

“Instead of being lectured about what teamwork is and how to use it effectively, we were put in situations where we had to use teamwork. For example, if your plane crashed in the ocean, what 10 items would you want to have? We learned that teamwork involves all of your senses and you must develop a bond with the people you are working with. Unfortunately, if the plane really did crash, it would be Hunger Games Book 4: Memphis Challenge Style, but it was a fun exercise.” – Sidney Martin, sophomore, 9/10 Movement

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