COVID-19 Resources

In the wake of the novel COVID-19; emotions of isolation, anxiousness, and weariness are just a few of the emotions your teens are feeling. The mission of the Memphis Challenge to inspire and develop future Memphis leaders is more critical than ever. It is our goal to help you, as well as educators, shape and mold the mindset and resilience of your teen.
During these times of uncertainty, it reminds us of the power of community and the need for coordinated action. Our resilience is dependent upon us coming together and supporting each other during these vulnerable times. We know families are being stretched, and the reality of not knowing what peeks around the corner has everyone on edge. This is compounded with the need to navigate the sensitivities of teens and collegiates.
Please find below links to resources to assist you & your families during this time.

COVID-19 Testing Resources

Resources for Teachers

Support on how to talk about COVID-19 with your children:

Picture Books for Children

Kids Podcasts

Documentaries / learning videos

Creative Arts

Online learning games/camps

Younger kids

Older kids

  • Beast Academy (math for 8-13)
  • Khan Academy (math for 6 and above, other topics like a beta ELA modules)
  • For those with kids 8+ who like Minecraft, the  Connected Camps are about to open up. They normally are only available in the summer and winter breaks.

Reading specific


Full homeschool options

Resource list for educators

Virtual Museum Tours

Things kids can do together virtually

  • Virtual book – they all pick a book, read it, and then get on a google hand out or something and tell each other about what they liked/didn’t like about the book. One parent could moderate that for a few households. Could also work for movies.
  • Music appreciation – find a good song you think your friends would like. Make up a dance. Look up the artist and tell some facts about them. Film a dance and send it to your buddies and they send you one back.
  • Lego extreme home makeover – build a crazy Lego house for your favorite character/doll (or one that your friend gives you) and then make a video giving a tour.

Movement Apps


Links to projects that kids can do at home with limited materials