COVID-19 Update

In the wake of the novel COVID-19; emotions of isolation, anxiousness, and weariness are just a few of the emotions your teens are feeling. The mission of the Memphis Challenge to inspire and develop future Memphis leaders is more critical than ever. It is our goal to help you, as well as educators, shape and mold the mindset and resilience of your teen.
During these times of uncertainty, it reminds us of the power of community and the need for coordinated action. Our resilience is dependent upon us coming together and supporting each other during these vulnerable times. We know families are being stretched, and the reality of not knowing what peeks around the corner has everyone on edge. This is compounded with the need to navigate the sensitivities of teens and collegiates.
Please find below links to resources to assist you & your families during this time.

Student Testimonial

I have seen myself blossom in self-confidence due to all the skills Memphis Challenge has provided me

-Victoria Barnes, Senior Challenger


The Memphis Challenge celebrated 30 years of inspiring and developing future Memphis leaders. 1989-2019


Ninety-seven percent of our Challengers have graduated college.


Over 500 have completed internships with local businesses, agencies and organizations.


Fifty-five percent of MC alumni are living and working in Memphis as artists, educators, doctors, elected officials, entrepreneurs, and more.

“Memphis Challenge has helped me become a better leader and a more outgoing person. I had the opportunity to visit my middle school to speak to eighth-grade students about Memphis Challenge and its impact. Without Memphis Challenge, I would not have had confidence to stand up and tell my story. My hope is that others will be inspired to join the program and also find their voice.”

– Desire’ Hogan, 9/10 Movement

“Memphis Challenge prepares me for college and teaches me life lessons that I could use throughout my journey to success.”

-Leslie Rendon, Junior MC

“When I first joined Memphis Challenge, I was timid and shy. However, after learning the skills Memphis Challenge has taught me and implementing them in my life, I became an outgoing and outspoken leader.””

-Angela Carter, Senior Challenger


Memphis Challenge 2022-2023 Application

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