Tell Me a Story: Speaking Truth to Youth is an initiative that showcases the power of creativity through storytelling and is the 8th installment of the Tell Me A Story program. It offers an art immersion experience that empowers Memphis Challengers, who create the stories, and young readers/listeners. The storybooks address themes such as self-reflection, individuality, and imposter syndrome. The Challengers come from 14 high schools across Shelby County, including private, charter, and home schools, and target youth and teens in grades 4-12. The project aims to advance literacy, inspire a passion for storytelling, and encourage young storytellers to recognize the power of their stories. The young writers draw inspiration from their anxieties, emotions, and coping mechanisms to promote mental wellness.

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Speaking Truth To Youth Book Collection


Title: “The New Beginnings Club”

Authors: Shekinah Duncan and Taylor Oliver

Illustrator: Mea’ Stokes

Synopsis: Three students from Elmore Middle/High School with different backgrounds come together to cook and help each other through some of the challenges in their lives.


Title: “Closer Than You Think”

Authors: Olivia Cyrus and Gregory Smith

llustrator: Camryn Eafen

Synopsis: Christian was feeling overwhelmed and tired. Thankfully, his friend Alexandria noticed that something was wrong and stepped in to help. 


Title: “Stronger Than Feelings”

Authors: Luis Guzman-Jimenez and Elder Rendon

Illustrator: Nia Reed

Synopsis: Henry has recently just moved from Mexico to the United States. The problem is that he has lived most of his life in Mexico and is not at all accustomed to everyday life in the U.S.


“With Every Stitch I Take”

Author & Illustrator: Kayla Dowdy

Synopsis: For me, sewing began as a way of simply fulfilling a need for new doll clothes. However, the experiences in my story led to an even greater self-discovery and a desire deep within for self-expression.


Title: “The Epic of Ambrose”

Author: Jourdan Russell

Illustrator: Erin Johnson

Synopsis: A transfer student finds his voice through Greek mythology, which gives the strength to overcome his anxiety.


Title: “Rising Up”

Author & Illustrator: Mayyadah Alzaben

Synopsis: From overcoming imposter syndrome to stripping away the masks we create to guard our feelings, this collection of poems is centered around reminding ourselves of our inner strength and bravely moving towards the hope and sense of peace that can be found in self-love.


Title: “To Be Determined”

Authors: Kendrick Williams and Elder Rendon

Illustrator: Adrian Jackson

Synopsis: A talented baseball player named Michael sustains what could be a career-ending injury. In the aftermath, Michael questions his purpose and who he is as a person outside the game he’s loved his whole life.


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